Venture Capital – Your Capital is Not at Risk – Invest Your Money 
Auctioned at Direkte Auktion in Berlin on the 29th November 2020

Despite not being sold it was a huge success.Shortly before the auction, the Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið published an article about the function and results of the piece. A documentary film was produted as an introduction to the Venture Capital work, involving an interview by the well-known Icelandic news reporter. During the auction the artist was playing chess with the media, the news reporter, in the art studio with a specially made chess board among sketches of artworks.

Venture Capital – Your Capital is Not at Risk – Invest Your Money represents a binding contract between the artist and the buyer. It aimed to underline the co-dependent relationship between the two uniting them in a conversation. Approaching it emotionally, by exposing a naked body, both in a figurative and a literal sense; having nothing to hide. The contract included the period of one month, a full time work creating various art pieces. At the end of the contract the buyer would have received half of all the produced artworks. Not only investing in the art produced the collector would be investing in the romantic idea of a deeper connection and dialogue with the artist. The highest bet is investing in unknown contemporary art and manifesting trust towards it and in parallel increasing the value of the claimed art.

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