Shitting Art 
performance video with sound created for E = mc², a new performance platform for the online art magazine,

The founding of the performance platform E = mc², was the result of teaching a performance course at the Iceland University of the Arts. The class discussed the need to share performances with the public during the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and, through this dialogue, E = mc² was born and a collection of independent pieces were exhibited. 

Shitting Art is a composition of: Land Self Love, Venture Capital and Selflove Virus. The sound is composed from Land Self Love and the video was created as PR for the piece Venture Capital and refers to the concept of the Selflove Virus. The setup is taken from an ongoing approach to toilet obsessions of other unlisted older works. 

our mother Earth is our selflove!

Shitting Art manifests the circular movement of life and our literal connection to mother Earth through faeces. Everything is connected and selflove is a part of our quantum physical existence and travels equally between the internal and external body.