25 min video for part of off venue Sequences 
At MONAKO BAR / Reykjavik 

The footage used is raw, unadultered content where the apparent simplicity crystalizes linearly to become the cornerstone of the artwork. The subjective experience, sensation, and perceptual phenomenon that is approached through this motion picture takes the viewer to the realm of dreams. Inspiration comes from the moments our subconscious highlights from life experiences. The purpose of the subconscious is twofold, it keeps us safe from anguish and trauma and it chooses from our memories the ones that can transmit a strong emotion. Love, guilt, fear, anger and happiness are powerful feelings beyond our understanding and are concealed teachers that guide our life journey. Transcending into the higher self requires a deep understanding of our emotions, embracing reality through memories and listening to the message that hides at plain sight.

The oneiric journey eclipses the triviality of falling asleep breaking all boundaries and the preconceptions you create.

This sequence takes the shape of a small river that flows into the ocean – A stream of consciousness that flows into the sea of unconsciousness.

Expectations should not overflow your thoughts.

Your thoughts should not override your impulses.

Subdue to your inner call and let it overwhelm you.

Take a deep breath.

Your mind takes over and your willpower withers.

Your eyes get number as your spine shivers.

Take a deep breath.

Your surrounding comforts you as you confront your thoughts.

Set your memories free, let the nostalgic feeling burn and consume you. Embrace the sacrifice.

Be naïve.

Absolute peace comes from within.