interactive performative sculpture with sound 
sculpture: sheepskin, concret, lava rocks, metal, wood, sponge & one plastic measuring jug 
sound: drum and bass beat & text based on self-love, quantum physics & biology phenomena 

RAW PURENESS – SELFLOV​E​ is an interactive performative sculpture with sound, where the visible function is similar to traditional living room furniture: to a sofa and a table. Although the visible function might be common, the combination of the used materials is not conventional: sheepskin, concret, lava rocks, metal, wood, sponge and one plastic measuring jug.  It is a station for meditation, a platform to inject one with self love, to get filled with sounds that are shameless, pure, raw, chaotic. It is a place where the mind is being affected to activate its self love hormones. The main purpose of RAW PURENESS – SELFLOV​E​ is to embrace self love in a reliable (concrete) and warm (sheepskin) sofa and listen to the sound (mandra). The translation of sheepskin in Icelandic is gæra and it is used to degrade a woman, to call one a whore. In a paradoxical way,  gæra has been one of the fundamental elements to keep the man alive in cold harsh lands. The word gæra (Icelandic) and ‘self-love’ are both extremely powerful functional phenomena but the weak and abnormal culturel translation too. The purpose of the concrete is to manifest a strong foundation of the weak self-love that connects externalizes through the sound landscape, where chaotic drum and bass beats are in symbiosis with atmospheric whispers and messages derived from self love, quantum physics and biology phenomena. RAW PURENESS – SELFLOV​E merges into something purely personal, psychological and in a biological-chemical ambient. Loaded with raw clichés of the truth and power of self love.