Label Carboluce and Kata Inga (aka. Katrin Inga)
Directed by Akab and shown at the 60th Venice Internacional Film Festival.

Of this past we know nothing, but his story emerges tragically in the scars that are left on his body totally burnt. In the house we follow him through his daily routine and in his intimate moments during his solitary life, all the way through to his nightly exits in the fields issolated from the city.
His happiness is totally dedicated to Natasha and deny’s the rest of the world in a society that searches for answers to which he does not want to respond.
But does Natasha really exists
Or is it just a dream
Boris does not like to be seen
It’s society that wants to see him.
But the possibility of living a “normal life” appear threatening to whorm has had already constructed a micro cosmic life structured and functional.
There is nothing to do but escape
Reach his dream.
And destroy it.