Land Unoccupied Love
sound / drawings / video / installation 
Berlin / Paris / Stöðvarfjörður

This artwork in progress is assembled from 4 mediums that form one installation. The platforms that were used, paintings, text, video and audio give it perspectival depth and distance to form a relatable yet personal project.

The paintings are created in the shape of abstract impressionist drawings, inspired by landscapes and topography. These depict no man’s land, and, from a sociological approach, symbolize to the boundary delimitation of love and the human body as its vessel. There is written text that explores the academic and theoretical approaches to research on the art phenomenon at a wide spectrum. The artwork involves audiovisual material in the form of a video. The footage shows the artist’s self-masturbation in a sink as an ultimate proclamation of self-love in the frame of the universe. Lastly, sound tapes are composed by the artist and merge the music with a scientific approach to the feeling of love at a biological and psychological level.

Land Unoccupied Love combines romantic ideas of unselfish love and the lack of boundaries at a cosmic, universal level to form the artwork as a whole.

Collection of video diary here.