Land Self Love – your self is land of love 
Exhibited in Gallery Gudmundsdottir, Berlin
Land Self Love – yourself is land of love engages that audience by playing with the ambiguity between love and hate in dialogue with selflove and shame. It reflects on the political, biological, social, and psychological system contextualized through the subject of the BDSM phenomenon in a wide perspective. Land Self Love displays a great variety of multimedia pieces such as performance, video, painting, sculpture and sound. The artworks take an emotional approach by insisting on the boundaries of the individual with a subjective concept of a map of love, rather than imposed national borders. This narrative mirrors a utopian geographical land with anchored individual intimate boundaries. 

The visual philosophy of Land Self Love – yourself is land of love deals with liberating ourselves from shame and taboos, especially concerning sexuality, and to break free from our fears in order to create healthy and sustainable interpersonal boundaries. It questions the existence of borders set up by nations to protect us, which often work the other way around. Highlighting this kind of sick love relationship with our society, these landmarks and borders become an outdated phenomenon without a steady foundation of selflove. Land Self Love brings these contradictions to light and touches upon archaeological perspectives; of future generations discovering remains of when humankind activated selflove and freed themselves from shame!

LAND SELF LOVE was supported by: The Icelandic Art Center | The Association Of Icelandic Artist | The Icelandic Visual Arts Fund | The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association | Reykjavik City | Icelandic Artist Salary Fund