I AM ALL YOURS! Governments – I am all yours

I AM ALL YOURS! Governments – I am all yours
Created for performance event IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? A TRIBUTE TO MAE WEST and take on the Trump regime from varied perspectives.
Curated by Perry Bard
performance | installation | New York

Earthly and supernatural come together under Katrin Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir’s guidance. A full moon lit up New York’s sky during the night of the 4th of November. That moon acted as a catalyzer of femininity to inspire and empower Katrin’s message. Through this performance, she took a courageous and risky decision where she put her work at stake for the sake of art, truth and transparency. Addressing the governments in the least diplomatic of ways she took a feral poise with a desperate voice against gender expectations and domestic establishment. The tools used during this unusual performance were the rawest example of human honesty and as such, they did not leave the audience indifferent. 

After setting everything up, Katrín positions herself close to the ground, mother earth’s skin, on an Iceland-shaped sheep hide in squatting position, arms forward and palms up. She indirectly looked at each and all the audience members, the audience that was physically there and the one that was not, via a VR device. She also looked at herself, present and past, directly and indirectly, through two audiovisual platforms. As a tribute to Nam June Paik’s Buddha (1974) she records and streams herself simultaneously as she performs. Motion is backed up with oration in a discourse that brings up her devotion to her cause repeating “Me many me, I am all yours”. Through the performance her speech gets impaired with non-feigned stammer driven by the energy she directs to the act of defecating on a diaper. As she gets closer to the conclusion of the performance she takes the diaper out to present it to the audience and then marks the Iceland-shaped sheep skin with the feces.