This is how we do it / 2014
4 hours performance / for ON SITE ART PROJECTs - the exhibiton ICE ICE BABY, Vienna.
Curated by Judith Stöckl & Giulia Tamiazzo

With the exhibitions ice ice baby we would like to open a critical discussion around young Icelandic Contemporary Art, evaluate its ways of representa- tion as well as its tendencies on international level and discuss the question of its self- und external positioning in the international art context. By presenting various artistic positions with different artistic approaches, the following questions will be addressed within the exhibition context: Is there a characteristic Icelandic Contemporary Art? What kind of local, global, historical, political, economic and ecological factors determine a pos- sible collective consciousness, which in turn affects the production of art? How do Icelandic artists, curators and theorists, perceive the local artistic production, what are the major discourses and how does it differ from an outsider perspective?

Judith Stöckl & Giulia Tamiazzo