Dottir / 2014
15 min performance - Montegiardino / San Marino
Part of Ephemeral Works Exhibition
curated by Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone Frangi.

Katrín’s work is characterised by performances with a strong visual impact, which often merge different biographical and cultural aspects linked to her geographical origins. In this case, the Icelandic author mixes installation elements, performance, references to the historical archives of Provoc’Arte and social considerations. The word Dottir is an Icelandic patronymic suffix, a particle which means “daughter of ” if added to a proper noun. In the installation this word changes by a third T being added, with explicit reference to the work by Maurizio Cattelan still visible inside the former Montale railway tunnel. Katrín’s proposal is completed by a performance with prophetic traits: the reading of tarot cards which the artist will question about her own future and success.

Alessandro Castiglioni and Simone Frangi