2014 School of Visual Arts. M.F.A. in Fine Art.
2012 University of Iceland. B.A. in Art Theory and Art History
2008 Iceland Academy of the Arts. B.A. Fine Art

Coming up
2016 Solo exhibition EKKISENS gallery, Reykjavik
2016 Residency at HERE, Stodvafjordur, Iceland
2016 Group exhibition IT IS THE MEDIA NOT YOU, Iceland
2016 Group exhibition and residency, Induce Creativity, Skaftfell Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Solo E​xhibition
2014 Gallery SIM. Reykjavik.
2013 The 6th Volume. The Living Art Museum. Reykjavik. 2012 Gallery Dwarf. Reykjavik.
2012 The Association of Icelandic Visual Arts. Reykjavik. 2012 Artima Gallery. Reykjavik.
2012 Gallery Toilet. Reykjavík.
2011 Gallerí Crymo. Reykjavík.

Selected ​Group E​xhibition
2015 XVII Biennial of Young Artists, MEDITERRANEA17, Milan 2015 Plus One, Site Show Gallery, New York
2015 SMALL WORLDS, Kunstmuseum Lichtenstein
2015 Havadi, Ekkisens gallery, Reykjavik
2015 IT́S THE MEDIA NOT YOU, Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland Canada 2014 ONE SITE ICELAND, Vienna, Austria.
2014 1​84 Project Space, New York
2014 SVA Chelsea gallery. Home Front. New York.
2013​Select art fair. Miami Basel
2013 Pleasant View Farms Proudly Presents, Art Fest 2013 "Out Back". New York. 2013 National Gallery of Iceland.
2013 MALMÖ KONSTHALL. 24 Spaces.
2013 Papaygyro Nights / 700is.
2012 Animus at Gallery 002.
2011 My friend the foreigner. The Old Ambulance Depot. Edenborg.
2011 Nothern Video Art Network, NOVA
2011 The Confected Archive of Kling og Bang. Dorothea Schlueter.
2011 Evolution. M21 ­ Museum of the twenty­first century. Austuríki
2011 Kling & Bang Gallery. ENDEMI. Reykjavik.
2011 Festiwal Kulturalne Oblicza Islandii. Warszawa. Poland.
2011 Festisvall. Reykjarvík. Iceland.
2011 Living Art Museum. Reykjavík.
2011 Gallery Crymo. Reykjavík.
2009 No Soul For Sale. X Initiative. New York
2009 Kling & Bang Gallery. Reykjavík
2008 Suð Suð Vestur Gallery. Keflavík. Iceland.
2008 Reykjavik Art Museum. Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Reykjavík. Iceland.

Selected Events
2014 Time Based, New York 2012 Artima Gallery. Reykjavik 2012 Artima Gallery. Reykjavik.
2011 Living Art Museum. Reykjavik.
2011 Endemi. Eymundsson. Reykjavik
2010 The National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík
2010 Hugmyndahúsið, Reykjavik
2010 Gallery Dynjandi. Bíldudal. Iceland.
2010 Living Art Museum. Reykjarvík.
2010 Living Art Museum. Reykjavík.
2009 Sultaneldmóður. Bakkus. Reykjavík.
2009 Hverfisgata 61. Art Studio. Reykajavík.
2009 Auði Capitals. Reykjavík.
2009 FRAFL, Various Homes. Reykjavík.
2008 Various Places. Selling Christmas Cards. Reykjavík. 2008 Living Art Museum. Reykjavík
2008 Reykjavik Art Museum, 10/10/08 at 3.45pm. Reykjavík. 2008 Icelandic Festival of Electronic Arts. Reykjavík.

2015 Icelandic Academy Of The Arts
2014 Icelandic Academy Of The Arts
2013 School of Visual Arts. MFA fine art
2012 School of Visual Arts. MFA fine art.
2011 Reykjavik Art Museum.
2011 Kling & Bang Gallery. Reykjavík.
2011 Brian House. Messa Teaser #1

Artist Residencies
2015 N​atural Oasis, Gibraltar / Induced creativity, Georgia
2014 N​atural Oasis. San Marino
2008 D​íónýsía. Vogar. Iceland.
2007 D​AMA. Dans and Media Art. Lapin Yliopisto. Lappland / Díónýsía. Grundarfjörður. Iceland /Aurora Borealis. Lapin Yliopisto. Lappland.

2015 Myndstef
2015 Step Bound
2015 Icelandic Art Grant
2015 Muggur
2015 Icelandic Art Salary
2014 Muggur
2014 Myndstef
2013 Guðmunda Andrésdóttir
2013 Reykjavik City.
2012 Art Found Dungal
2012 Fulbright
2012 Myndstef
2012 Icelandic Centre for Research.
2011 Muggur
2011 Egill Skallagrímsson
2011 I​celandic NA of the YiA programme
2011 Icelandic Centre for Research.
2010 Reykjavik City.
2008/2007/2006 School Found Reykjavik City Worker. Art in Public spaces
2013­ Reykjavik Art Festival. Under the sky. Reykjavik. 2006­ Hafnarfjordur Art Festival. Hafnarfjordur. Iceland.

Arts Organizations
Co-­founder Artima galler
ex-­member Galley Crymo
member Living Art Museum
member Sculpture Association
member SIM

Listvísir. Icelandic art magazine.
Zine. SVA ­ with Perry Bar
ARCHIVE ON the run. Living Art Museum.
Blatt blad. Jona Hlíf & Hlynur Hallsson.
III Ritið. Poems & Short story collection.
Living Art Museum. Performance Archive.
Endemi. 1 issues.
Crymo gallery. Trust us! We are Artist.

Ongoing art projects
Endemi publication. Editor e​ Director and co­Founder ​
The Night of the Lost Artworks. co­Founder
It is the media not you. co­Founderer