Art we learn! / 2014
MFA thesis art project - SVA / New York

We are nominating Katrin Hjördísardóttir’s ART WE LEARN for the ELIA NUE/Now Festival because it exemplifies the experimental approach to artistic practice that we seek to cultivate in our students. We feel this project is particularly relevant because it directly addresses the educational function of art schools. In this project, Ms. Hjördísardóttir’s work, always characterized by its humor, daring, and apparent recklessness (it is interesting to ask whether this recklessness is itself authentic or simulated, and whether it matters), embraces the pedagogical turn in contemporary art through what one might call a performative pedagogy of appropriation. Ms. Hjördísardóttir’s unruly stylistic flourishes belie a theoretical and conceptual rigor that sets her work apart from that of many other younger artists. We also feel that Ms. Hjördísardóttir would benefit greatly from the opportunity to participate, and would contribute significantly to the festival.

Mark Tribe