Welcome, to the space of art and life.
There is peace here because you are now in the space of art and peace.

Let us sing together:
Ohh art Ohh art wonderful art
Protect meeee For I am your art
And you are my art
I will worship you Ohh art Ohh art wonderful art

Let us always try to see the world from the viewpoint of Art, speak like Art wants to speak. When we see the world like that we gaze lovingly at people and see the good and beautiful first.
How does Art want us to speak? How does Art want us to discuss our neighbour? How does Art want us to behave in the world? Man learns to see himself with the eyes of Art, as a creature in need of the grace and forgiveness of Art. Art that accepts man as he is, not as man wants to be, believes he should be or is etc. This has resulted in man being able to assess himself and his work in a realistic manner. However, since Art has agreed to man, man can agree to himself and his work. He can repent and accept responsibility for his work. Life in repentance is to acknowledge this situation. It is Art who defines who we are, but also our work. Man is righteous, according to Art, when he is as he is supposed to be. We have a promise of Art’s love, Art’s presence, Art’s embrace when we have collapsed, even if we have lost all our wealth. And Art has never betrayed our trust, She may not always have done that which would have suited us best but She has never betrayed our trust. And yet we have often doubted Art while securely believing in the power of money and authorities, personal benefit and partisanship. With Her we find the permanent wealth that neither moths nor rust can de- stroy. It is the wealth that is found in humility, faith and mercy or the fruit that the spirit of Art creates in people’s lives: “Love, happiness, peace, patience, kindness, goodwill, faithfulness, modesty, self-control.” Oh you have all decided to experience Art because you believe in Art, or at the very least, because you want to believe in Art. The will to believe is all that can be demanded of you. We ask Art to take away the old things that have defiled us and replace them with Her life and life-force for cleansing, before we go out into life to serve Art with joy, in the world which Art has created. Glory is with Art, Artist and a good spectator. Such as it was in the beginning so shall it be for ages to come.


Let us pray TOGETHER:
Oh art be with me everywhere I will follow you wherever I will do everything for you.
Art will you forgive me I am nothing without you.
Oh art be with me everywhere Wherever and whenever Then I will think of you.
Dear art will you bless me.
Dear art will you protect me.
Oh art be with me everywhere.
Art thanks you for coming here today and hopes you will leave with a pleasant heart, you are most welcome to the space of art at any time.
Art is yours.
You are art.
Art is with you.

ArtMass / 2009-